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Kyrsiel is a young apprentice of Guardian Angel. His teacher, Gersiel, is responsible he achieves a successful test mission to graduate. Moreover, Gersiel may not continue his evolution as Angel until Kyrsiel, who is his last student, graduates. And this is not easy! Both will play an important mission on Earth: Protect Midori, a young student girl, from the demons that are chasing her. . Will Kyrsiel do it successfully or will he fail again? Story and drawings: © Reenave Translated into English by: Louise Brown

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Hi, hi! - October 30th, 2015, 8:18 pm

Long time since i did an update here!

It has been a little difficult because my pc is damaged and i`m working with an old one that is very, very slow, so i just review quickly some pages and i prefer to give more attention to continue drawing the manga.

I decided to work on my own Patreon page, so i could buy the piece i need for repair my pc and work faster and with better quality.

I began to put some perks for those who decide to give me support as my patrons for the manga i do.

Take a look at it, and if you can help me to share it! I really want to have my pc working again and work properly ^^

Thanks a lot for the support you can give me!!

I will be sharing more information soon!!

Have a great day!!!

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